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Hey-oh! I'm Nikki Bright

I'm an accessibility-focused front-end developer dedicated to making the web more inclusive and joyful for all users.

If you'd like to chat about my work, Magic: The Gathering, or fantasy novels, I would love to connect!


How to Create Accessible Footnotes

How to Create Accessible Footnotes

Introduction Footnotes have a long and storied history dating back to the Middle Ages. For hundreds of years, they have been a powerful tool for providing information that supplements and supports the main text. By providing an easy way to access sou...

Jun 20, 2023

How to Make a "Skip Navigation" Link

How to Make a "Skip Navigation" Link

What's a "Skip Navigation" link and why do I need one? If you're in the majority of users (statistically speaking, you probably are), you can look at a page as soon as it loads and start viewing the main content right away. By automatically ignoring ...

Jun 6, 2023

How to Improve Your Image Performance

How to Improve Your Image Performance

The Exposition (What?) Boy, do I love websites with great imagery. Pictures of landscapes. Pictures of cats. Pictures of pictures. Pictures of graphs. Putting images on a site can make it miles more interesting. That's not the only thing great about ...

Feb 9, 2023


Hyah UI on Desktop
Hyah UI on Mobile

A library of accessible UI components with detailed accessibility documentation.

Shelf on Desktop
Shelf on Mobile

Organize your virtual bookshelves and track your reading progress.

Dashboard on Desktop
Dashboard on Mobile

Mock dashboard demonstrating a variety of ways to display information to users.